Strive Dance Academy offers a wide variety of classes, with RAD and ADAPT instruction and examinations in the core disciplines of dance. Experienced dancers wishing to join Strive Dance Academy without backgrounds in all 3 of our core disciplines have received instruction through coaches and enrichment classes.

Introduction to Dance

Using instruments, props, and themes, young students will be introduced to the basis of creative movement. This fun, six-week class will get your child up and grooving and is designed to instill a love of music and dance in your pre-schooler.
(3 years)    6 weeks

SATURDAY CLASS: 11:00AM - 11:30AM...

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Our adult classes are a fun way to improve fittness, coordination, flexibility and meet new people. They provide a great workout while learning to dance. We provide classes for beginners and for those with more experience. We provide classes in the tap, lyrical/jazz, ballet and stretch/strengthen.


January 10 - April 25, 2018...

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Pre-Competitive Program

Our Pre-Competitive Program runs from ages 4 to 11yrs!


You can find our Level 1 & 2 registration form here, and our...

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Jazz is a technical form of dance derived from classical training and develops power, flexibility, extension, agility and style in dancers. It is done to popular music and is a high-energy class focusing on technique and stylized choreography. Strive Dance Academy provides Jazz training and exams in accordance with the ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts...

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Tap dancing is performed in shoes with heel and toe taps attached. Dancers learn about rhythm and musicality whilst developing fast footwork and style. Strive Dance Academy values the importance of musicality and personality in our students and requires that all students participate in Tap as one of our 3 core disciplines. Dancers are able to develop their rhythmic and stylistic skills through their...

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Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. Ballet classes encourage grace and precision whilst developing basic technique, posture, coordination, strength and extension. Strive Dance Academy recognizes the importance of classical ballet training and requires that all students take ballet as one of our 3 core disciplines. We provide ballet training and examinations in the ...

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Pointe is the development of ballet for strong technical ballet dancers. It requires tremendous strength and articulation of the feet and is often a goal for young ballerinas. Over time pointe work has become integrated with ballet technique and is an expectation of high-level ballerinas in today’s world. At Strive we provide Pointe classes for those students deemed ready. There are no specific...

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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre classes involve a combination of singing, acting and dancing. Students are often introduced to music made popular by Broadway musicals and other live theatre music. This is a very popular and enjoyable class where students get to show their personalities and develop their confidence and performing skills. Strive Dance Academy is excited to work with a qualified...

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Stretch and Strength

Stretch and Strength classes have a very simple purpose to stretch and strengthen our dancers. Flexibility is an extremely important aspect of dance training and the expectation of dancers bodies in regards to flexibility is ever increasing. It is extremely important that dancers develop the strength to manage this flexibility in order to help prevent injuries. Our...

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Contemporary dance involves a combination of many styles including ballet, modern and jazz. Principles of Modern technique including a sense of ‘contraction and release’ and ‘fall and recovery’ are introduced in these classes. Contemporary is danced in bare feet to promote a sense of connection with the ground and classes often include elements of improvisation and interpretation of...

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Lyrical dance combines the techniques of classical ballet and jazz dance. This fusion of styles creates a wide range of lines, movements and dynamics. Lyrical dance often focuses on developing a sense of musicality and conveying an emotion or storyline. The lyrics of the music become an important factor and dancers have the freedom to demonstrate their technical capabilities in a more emotional...

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Acrobatic Arts

Acro is the short name for Acrobatic Dance. It is the combination of dance technique with acrobatic skills. Acro differs from gymnastics as the acrobatic skills are taught to fuse seamlessly with dance skills and combine musicality, expression, line and acrobatic skills with smooth transitions. This is an area of dance that is quickly developing and acrobatic skills are becoming a...

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Jumps and Turns

Jumps and Turns classes are fun filled, energetic classes, which offer students the environment to develop their jumping and turning skills. Jumps and turns often provide the highlight to many routines and they are an elements that dancers feel they could always develop – forever wanting to jump higher and increase the number of turning rotations they can...

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Open Classes/Workshop Program

This program includes exciting workshop style classes provided to the students at Strive. These worshops and classes are taught by various Strive instructors and guest teachers. Styles include: Contemporary, Lyrical, Improvisation/Contact Improvisation, Choreography workshops, Hip Hop, Circus Skills, Acro, Rhythm Tap, Disco, Partnering, Street Jazz,...

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