Pointe is the development of ballet for strong technical ballet dancers. It requires tremendous strength and articulation of the feet and is often a goal for young ballerinas. Over time pointe work has become integrated with ballet technique and is an expectation of high-level ballerinas in today’s world. At Strive we provide Pointe classes for those students deemed ready. There are no specific ages when dancers are ready to start pointe work, it is a decision made based on the shape of the dancers feet, strength, technical capability and readiness.


Pointe work – the art of dancing on your toes – was developed from the desire for dancers to appear weightless and other-worldly onstage. Pointe shoes have developed over the years and continue to develop to allow the dancer to dance on their toes for extended period of time. Every dancer has unique feet. Pointe shoe companies make a large variety of pointes shoes to offer different fit, support and feel to the dancers. Dancers are required to have their pointe shoes fitted by a professional.*

*courtesy of Wikipedia