Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. Ballet classes encourage grace and precision whilst developing basic technique, posture, coordination, strength and extension. Strive Dance Academy recognizes the importance of classical ballet training and requires that all students take ballet as one of our 3 core disciplines. We provide ballet training and examinations in the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) Syllabus.

Pointe is an area of ballet training for strong, experienced, technical ballet dancers. It requires tremendous strength and articulation of the feet and is often a goal for young ballerinas. Over time pointe work has become integrated with ballet technique and is an expectation of high-level ballerinas in today’s world. At Strive we provide Pointe classes for those students deemed ready. There are no specific ages when dancers are ready to start pointe work, it is a decision made based on the shape of the dancers feet, strength, technical capability and readiness.


Ballet was first performed in Italy in the early 1600s. In 1661, the first Ballet School was opened in France. It was started by Louis XIV, and only men were allowed to dance. Women first danced the ballet in 1681. They did not look like the dancer of today however, because they wore ankle-length dresses! The dance steps taught so long ago in France are still used today and most retain their original French names.*

*courtesy of Wikipedia