Strive Wear Apparel

Online Store is Open from February 1st - 28th, 2019

The Strive Signature Line is available to order through the Strive-Wear Committee

The Strive Relaxed Line is available through our online webstore, which is active during certain months of the year. 

You can Click Here to go to our Online Store.

Each competitive dancer receives a complimentary Signature Strive Jacket from Strive Dance Academy.  This is the only item that is mandatory to wear. Any other Strive-Branded items are optional to purchase.

The Strive Signature Jacket is to be worn:
•    on stage for Award Presentations
•    in the Auditorium during Competitions
•    in the Rehearsal Hall
•    during vocal prep at Competitions
•    During Community Events (ie. parade, Farmer’s Market, conventions, expositions, etc.)

We believe that an image of unity will project the studio’s vision of professionalism, dance excellence and citizenship. The Strive-Wear Committee has sourced a reputable Canadian distributor that specializes in active wear for our proposed Signature Strive Dance Jacket.  We have worked closely with their design team to develop a signature jacket that is “uniquely Strive," in that it is professional, trendy, and memorable.   We have chosen a design that reflects the personality of our dancers and projects the professional image of Strive Dance Academy.

We have elected not to personalize the jackets with names or dates to allow for resale among the membership. The Signature Jacket is in addition to a custom dancewear collection we have designed.   We are referring to this collection as the “Strive Signature Dancers’ Collection." 

We have also worked with a local apparel company to design alternative and trendy Relaxed Strive Wear options for dancers, family, and community members – we are referring to this collection as the “Strive Relaxed Collection”.

Relaxed Strive Collection

Dancers, teachers, family and supporters.

 1) Strive Hoodies
 2) Strive T-shirts
 3) Strive handbags
 4) Strive Baseball Caps
 5) Strive toque
 6) Strive duffle bags

Strive Signature Collection

Available to purchase September and January of each dance season

Dancers and Teachers

1) Strive Signature Dance Jacket (Complimentary to each new competitive dancer)

2) Strive Signature Sweatpants

3) Strive Signature “Off the Shoulder Top” 

4) Strive Signature Duffel bag

5) Strive Back pack

6) Strive Sports Bra

7) Strive leggings