Season 5

Junior 1s/Primary

The Heaven Hop (Tap)

Devil in a Blue Dress (Jazz)

It’s Our Job (Ballet)

Junior 2's / Grades 1-2

Ragtime Cowboy Joe (Tap)

Yankee Doodle Dandy (Jazz)

A Pirate’s Life (Ballet)

Junior 3 / Grade 3

G.I. Blues (Tap)

Ain’t Nothing Wrong with That (Jazz)

Celtic (Ballet)

Pre-Inter 2 / Grade 5

Travellin’ Thru (Tap)

Brattitude (Jazz)

Giocoso (Ballet)

Take My Hand (Lyrical)


All I Do is Dream of You (Tap)

Diablo Rojo (Jazz)

Rain (Ballet)

Inter 1 / Intermediate

All Aboard (Tap)

Telephone (Jazz)

Whodunnit? (Ballet)

Inter 3 / Advanced

Surrey with the Fringe on Top (Tap)

Boots and Boys (Jazz) 

Devastation (Ballet)

Junior Musical Theatre (Live Vocals)


Extra Work (Open)

Automation Replication

Extra Work Pointe

Battle of the Swans

Extra Work Modern / Contemporary

Cost of Freedom

Run Boy Run

Pre-Competitive Level 2

The Big Top (Ballet)

Camping Out (Tap)