Season 7


Blow, Gabriel! Blow! (Tap)

Gingham & Straw (Ballet)

Queen for a Day (Tap)

Practically Perfect in Every Way (Ballet)


Lollipop (Tap)

Joy to the World (Jazz)

Sorcerer's Apprentice (Ballet)

Junior 1 / Primary

Makin' Memories (Tap)

Hercules (Jazz)

Belle of the Ball (Ballet)

Junior 2 / 3

Danceannette (Tap)

Me and My Girls (Jazz)

Holly (Ballet)

Pre-Intermediate 1 / Grade 3

Vote for Mr. Rhythm (Tap)

Best Summer Ever (Jazz)

Little Pigs (Ballet)

Pre-Intermediate 2

On Broadway (Tap)

Twilight Tower (Jazz)

Marionettes (Ballet)

Intermediate 1

Will-I-Mania (Tap)

Be My Baby (Jazz)

Waltzing Dead (Ballet)

Intermediate 2

Footloose (Tap)

Don't Rain on My Parade (Jazz)

Liberation (Ballet)

Intermediate 3 / Advanced

Shaken Not Stirred (Tap)

Criy Me A River (Jazz)

Cogs (Ballet)

Junior Musical Theatre

You Can't Stop the Beat

Senior Musical Theatre



I think It's Going to Rain Today

Small Contemporary

Hot knife

Large Contemporary

Long Way Down


Cygnet Shift