Season 9

Pre-Competitive Level 2

Soda Shop Hop (Tap)

Pre-Competitive Level 3

Pink Shoelaces (Tap )

Crocodile Rock  (Jazz)

Pre-Competitive Level 4

Knock On Wood (Tap)

Hernando’s Hideaway (Jazz) 


Awimbawe (Tap)

I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat (Ballet)

My Dog Gone Dog (Jazz)

Junior 1

The Broadway Kids (Tap)

If I Knew You Were Comin’ (Jazz)

Lesson Number 1 (Ballet)

Junior 2

I’ve Been Everywhere (Tap)

The Country Kid Shake (Jazz)

Ascot Opening Race (Ballet)

Junior 3

Nobody (Tap)

I Go To Rio (Jazz)

Ascot Opening Race (Ballet)

Pre-Inter 1

Brown Derby Jump (Tap)

River Deep (Jazz)

To Love You More (Ballet)

Pre-Inter 2

Sing (Tap)

River Deep (Jazz)

Medusa (Ballet)

Pre-Inter 3

Sing (Tap)

Little Swing (Jazz)

Medusa (Ballet)

Inter 3

You Don’t Own Me (Tap)

Someone In the Crowd (Jazz)

Shrouded (Ballet)

Musical Theatre

Dainty June and the Farm Boys

Show People


Hip Hop 

Cool Koalas

Cool Penguins

Cool Dolphins

Extra Groups

Love You (Open)

Extraordinary Machine (Open)

A Beautiful Thing (Lyrical)

Soldier (Open)

Bleeding Soles (Contemporary)

Light Up (Lyrical)