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Mission Statement

Strive Dance Academy provides dance excellence in a disciplined community environment for students in Central Alberta seeking the highest level of competitive dance instruction.

Vision Statement

To be a successful and sustainable community of elite competitive dancers, well respected and recognized for their dance excellence and citizenship as well as developing the foundation necessary for those who aspire to pursue a career in the performing arts.

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In furtherance of it's Mission and Vision, since its inception, Strive’s competitive dance teams have consistently achieved several First Overall rankings at prestigious dance competitions against top ranking schools throughout Alberta and have earned a solid reputation. In the summer of 2013, Strive qualified (through video) to compete in the Starpower World Championships in Las Vegas and had strong results including 3 of 4 numbers earning a spot in the Final Battle and taking the Overall Entertainment Award in the 12 and over category, among other awards.

In addition, Strive dancers have given back through performances throughout their community including at many charitable and community events and at local schools. The students and their families model volunteerism, including their Strive for the Cure team that participates in the annual CIBC Run for the Cure in support of Breast Cancer research each fall.


In 2009 a group of parents came together to discuss the option of opening a competitive dance studio in Red Deer which would meet the performing arts needs of their children and others like them. While several great options for dance existed in the Red Deer area, the parents and dancers were looking for dance instruction which was disciplined and would foster a child's desire to strive for excellence. With the assistance of Judy Dorland who would become the Artistic Director and the families whose vision it was to make this type of dance instruction a reality, Strive Dance Academy Society was born. The Founding Members of Strive volunteered their time, donated resources, and shared skills, provided hours of labor and collective wisdom to build this vision of what is today, Strive Dance Academy.


Through hard work, commitment and determination; the dancers, parents and teaching staff focused upon developing a reputation of dancers who would be respected for their talent and sportsmanship both provincially and nationally. Today we continue to work towards being a respected Academy of Dance in Central Alberta striving to provide excellence in performing arts.

While several founding members have had dancers graduate and leave Strive, to take on new endeavors, we continue to focus upon this same founding vision. We are committed to mentor and steward our successes to the present and future students and families of Strive Dance Academy. We take pride in developing both the artist and the person within each child as well as fostering the development of our dancers as productive and community minded citizens.



Strive Dance Academy Society is a non-profit organization which utilizes its funds to operate the Academy. Any profit which may be realized is put back into the Academy for the benefit of the organization and its members. Strive is owned by the collective membership and operated / administered by the Board of Directors. While the Board of Directors is responsible for the Governance and Operation of the Society and Academy; the Artistic Director is responsible for the Dance Programming. The Artistic Director, Teaching Staff and the Board of Directors work collaboratively to address concerns and to nurture innovation and accountability in the operations of the Academy. The Office Administrator provides the link of communication to the parent / dancer membership and takes direction from the Board of Directors and Artistic Director as appropriate in the day to day operations of Strive.

Dance Program

The structure of the Dance Program utilizes the (A.D.A.P.T.) Syllabus Program to instruct jazz and tap technique and the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) Ballet Program to instruct dancers on ballet technique. Both ADAPT and RAD syllabi include an examination aspect, and all dancers at Strive must participate in the preparation for these examinations. Teachers at Strive who are responsible for their respective syllabus are accredited to teach under the syllabi and determine readiness and appropriateness for participation of each individual dancer.