Tap dancing is performed in shoes with heel and toe taps attached. Dancers learn about rhythm and musicality whilst developing fast footwork and style. Strive Dance Academy values the importance of musicality and personality in our students and requires that all students participate in Tap as one of our 3 core disciplines. Dancers are able to develop their rhythmic and stylistic skills through their training and examinations in the ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) Syllabus.


Tap Dancing has its roots in many forms including the Juba Dance, English Lancashire Clog Dancing and most notably – Irish Step Dancing. Many believe that it began in the mid-1800’s during the rise of minstrel shows and performances. Early tappers like Fred Astaire provided a more ballroom look to tap dancing; Gene Kelly on the other hand, used his extensive Ballet training to make tap dancing incorporate all the typical aspects of the Ballet. This style of tap led to what is today known as the “Broadway style,” which is more mainstream in our culture. It often involves high heeled tap shoes and show music, and is primarily the type of tap taught to beginners.*

*courtesy of Wikipedia